Why Hang Tags Are Important For Your Business

Learn About Hang Tags

Hang Tags are like business cards. They relate important information about your product to the customer. They are your voice when you cannot be present so the design should reflect your branding and the message you may be trying to give. Many retail locations require a hangtag on clothing label in order to place the price or sale tag.

Hangtags Represent the lifestyle brand you represent

Hang Tags DesignsA good hangtag will portray the type of lifestyle brand you represent. For example a surf and skate shop may want a sticker hangtag so their customers can then take the sticker and place it on their skateboard or car to show off what lifestyle brand they support. Take a brewery or beverage company, they could make a statement with their hangtags by making them coasters that the customers can use at home.

Endless Possibilites with Custom Hang Tags in Many Shapes and Sizes

These are just a few possibilities but the options are endless. It can be as minimal or multifunctional as needed. There are other jobs the hangtag can fulfil while relaying important information such as the brand, size, or barcode. Hangtags come in any shape, size and paper stock thickness. But hangtags do not have to be made from paper material. There are unlimited options such as PVC or Rubber, stickers, etched wood or leather. Even woven or printed labels can make a good hang tag if they portray the look you are going for. Find out more about Custom Clothing Labels CBF here, Tons of valuable information.

Show us what you’ve got and we’ll see what we can do to help

Maybe a customer loves the item of clothing they purchased. Your woven clothing labels cannot have your website or store location where to buy more of the same thing they love. If you are a local vendor having this information on your hangtag is sometimes helpful. If you ever have questions and need help getting inspired for your hang tag design, check out the hang tag products on our website to see what we have done in the past and what has worked for other companies. Showing us a picture or referencing a past labels helps us get you exactly the custom labels you need. If you have any questions feel free to call us a 714-730-8087 or fill out the customer inquiry form listed on our website.

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